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Orlando Dumpster Pad Cleaning Professionals To Maintain Your Business

Dumpster pad washing

Don't let a nasty rotten dumpster stink up your Orlando business- our dumpster pad cleaning is a quick and sanitary solution to unhygienic waste disposal areas. Even though dumpster pads are designed to carry tons of garbage, the amount of bacteria and nasty pollutants left over can create an unsafe environment. Frequent dumpster pad cleaning can remove these hazards and make your waste disposal area safe!

Caring for Orlando businesses is a major part of our work, which is why we put our all into providing you with dedicated commercial pressure washing service and a superb experience. Dumpster pad cleaning is a key service for maintaining good curb appeal and preventing hygiene issues, pests, and other workplace hazards. We go the extra mile to ensure your business stays healthy, well-kept, and inviting!

We offer our clients easy, free, and timely estimates. If you're interested in learning more about our dumpster pad cleaning with a free estimate, reach out via the request link on our website or call us at 407-873-3936.

Dumpster Area Washing, Completed By Seasoned Experts

Many property owners are often nervous about reaching out to an outside pressure washing contractor, and we totally understand why. We ourselves have heard nightmare stories of people getting stuck with terrible contractors that didn't show up on time, took forever, did a poor job, or even damaged their property!

With Ace Pressure Washing Services, you don't need to worry about poor service. Our seasoned pressure washing professionals work with industry-leading equipment and chemicals to clean impeccably and thoroughly complete the job. We make it a point to be punctual, efficient, honest, and professional, ensuring superior service for our clients!

Dumpster Pad Washing For Thoroughly Maintained Businesses

Your dumpsters typically don't draw as much attention as the rest of your property, but their cleaning shouldn't be neglected! The refuse and pollutants left behind on unwashed dumpster pads can grow dangerous microbes, attract pests, stink up the property, and even break down the concrete over time. Regularly pressure washing your dumpster pads can keep the area out of the proverbial "red zone" and prevent these workplace hazards!

Frequently Asked Dumpster Pad Cleaning Questions

Even when the trash is collected, the dumpster itself is still contaminated by grease, microbe, garbage juice, and other nasty leftovers from the trash. This presents an ideal growing environment for dangerous molds and bacteria.

Not only do these create and intensify that typical "garbage smell"- which can attract insects, rats, and other pets- but the high presence of dangerous microbes can be hazardous for those who come near it. Constant exposure to these pollutants can rust metal, compromise the concrete, and cause other structural harm!

To prevent these hazards, frequent dumpster cleaning is recommended. Depending on a number of factors, we typically recommend a dumpster pad cleaning every 1-3 months.

  • Eliminating "the garbage smell"
  • Warding off pests
  • Improving curb appeal
  • Eliminating dangerous bacteria
  • Protecting your dumpster areas from structural compromise

The idea of cleaning dumpster areas is a bit ironic! No one is expecting dumpsters to be totally spotless. However, there's a difference between containing garbage and becoming overrun with dangerous microbes and other pollutants. Just as homeowners are advised to sanitize their garbage cans every once in a while, cleaning your dumpster areas can prevent sanitation hazards.


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