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The Big Benefits Of Clean Roofs

Clean roof benefits

When it comes to keeping your roof clean, there's far more to it than just making your home look great. Alright, we won't deny it- roof cleaning can help a lot with your curb appeal. But looks alone aren't why roof cleaning is important. Roof cleaning imparts many benefits to your home to help it stay healthy and thrive.

Extending Your Roof's Longevity

Ideally, the average roof should last for about 25-30 years before you need to start thinking about replacing it. However, environmental factors can lead to a roo failing before its time. A major danger that many overlook is the common organisms that grow on their roof: algae, moss, lichen, and similar growths.

These substances contribute to roof deterioration by weakening the shingles, trapping excess moisture, absorbing (rather than reflecting) heat from the sun, and creating a stable environment for even more organisms to grow. Routine roof cleaning keeps these nasty organisms from sticking around too long, so you can help your roof achieve maximum longevity.

Preventing Acute Roof Damage

This sort of ties into the circumstances discussed above, but even gradual roof damage can eventually result in acute problems. When algae eats through shingles, it causes them to weaken and shrivel in the sun. Eventually, they can break off, leaving holes in your roof where water can leak through. Not only can routine roof cleaning prevent your roof from falling into disrepair, but your assigned pressure washing expert can also be on the lookout for current or potential damage and let you know if they see any problems that need immediate attention.

Enhancing Your Property Value

If you've set your sights on the real estate market, you're probably looking for ways to maximize your home's value- ideally at a minimal cost to yourself. A dirty roof is a strike against you, as many prospective buyers may see it as a liability. However, if your roof is clean, stain-free, and well-maintained, buyers will be more comfortable paying more for your property! The great thing about roof cleaning is that it's an affordable service, especially compared to roof repairs, so it's an easy and cheap way to keep your property value high!

When You Want Clean Orlando Roofs, We're Here To Help

You shouldn't cut corners when it comes to hiring a pressure washing contractor to clean your roof. Roof cleaning is a delicate job, and subpar techniques or inexperienced technicians can cause costly roof damage. This is a job for serious pros only.

At Ace Pressure Washing Services, our technicians are seasoned with professional experience, and we take special pride in our outstanding roof cleaning. Safety and customer satisfaction are always our priorities, and we promise to deliver impeccable results when it comes to your roof. If you'd like to get started with a free roof cleaning estimate, give Ace a call today at 407-873-3936.


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